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Bridging the Gap Between Commercial Aquaculture and Aquarium Hobbyists

APBreed™, our newest product line is designed especially for Public Aquariums, Marine Ornamental Breeders and Research Labs — industries that 'Bridge the Gap' between Commercial Aquaculture Hatcheries and Marine Aquarium Hobbyists.

Our product line naming contest is now over and we were pleased to receive over 550 entries. In the end, we chose a unique name inspired by many of the ideas we received, though not actually a name that was submitted. But someone still deserves to win. So, contest winners are:

Grand Prize Winner
$250 Gift Certificate to the store of your choice!

submitted by Alan F. of Santa Maria, CA  April 8 at 1:28 am

Top Three Runner-Up’s
$50 worth of Reef Nutrition, Instant Algae or APBreed products
to be redeemed directly or at your favorite LFS

Aqua-Breeder Essentials
submitted by R. Matchett of Santa Barbara, CA, May 20 at 12:25 pm

Reed ALP – Advanced Larviculture Products
submitted by Tom N of Alameda, CA, April 5 at 2:26 pm

submitted by A. Luken of Cincinnati, OH May 2 at 5:02 pm

Honorable Mention
These names did not win anything, but we had to include them
so you could see some of the diversity!

Marine Cuisine bREEDging the Gap
Pro-Aqua Breeder's Edge
BASIS Marine Supplements MariPro
Nexus AC Breed-Rite
Marine DeliCaSeas Grandpa Reed's Magic Elixir


Click here to find out more about our new product line: APBreed™

Reed Mariculture Inc. (RMI) produces and supplies marine larviculture feeds to fish, shrimp, and shellfish hatcheries all over the world. RMI's core technology is growing marine microalgae, which is the bottom of the marine food chain. We also provide several types of zooplankton and a variety of derivative products that support larviculture. Today, RMI sells Instant Algae marine microalgae concentrates to over 500 hatcheries and 300 universities in 80+ countries and is the largest commercial producer of marine microalgae in the world.

Reef Nutrition® products - Marine and freshwater plankton, the types of food your reef animals naturally feed on. Reef animals have a wide variety of mouth sizes, feeding mechanisms, and nutritional needs that are very different than freshwater and fish-only systems. Reef Nutrition meets these special requirements through a broad spectrum of feeds with particle sizes from 1 to 25,000 microns, and high in critical nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, carotenoids and protein. Reef Nutrition nourishes and vitalizes the animals in your reef!